Coaching services for entrepreneurial women who want to redefine the meaning of success.

Tired of living life on a hamster wheel? Let’s create a life you’re excited to wake up to.

In theory, you’ve got what you need to be happy – so why don’t you feel that way?

You’re living up to others’ expectations of what your life should be like, but it doesn’t feel authentic or meaningful.

Life is a running checklist of what you should accomplish, like an endless to-do list for “success.”

You’re used to going with the flow to keep others happy – even at the expense of your own satisfaction and happiness.

You’re afraid to disappoint or hurt others, so you keep quiet even when it feels wrong.

If I had to guess, I’d say these thoughts are crossing your mind:

Pursuing others’ measures of success will only set you up for failure.

Feel the confidence to know and speak your truth

Do value-aligned work that feels meaningful and satisfying

Trust your intuition and inner knowledge

The good news is you have the power within you to build a fulfilling life – if you’re brave enough to rid yourself of external influences and find what matters to you.

Imagine what it’d be to…

I am your trusted advisor and accountability partner in building your dream life.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 23 years of experience in the field, including a long trajectory with the Department of Veteran Affairs, working primarily with seriously ill and seriously injured veterans dealing with spinal cord injuries, visual impairments, and Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

A long-winding road led me from clinical social work to opening a private practice in 2022. This newfound independence and the possibility to do work that deeply aligns with my values allowed me to fall in love with my life. Through my coaching services, I now have the freedom to work with women like me – like you – who know deep down that there’s more to life than checking milestones off a list. Women who want to let go of external motivators and create a life that’s inspiring and true to who they are.

I’m Heidi Bailey, Soul Success Coach & your personal cheerleader

hey there!

You’re used to holding yourself accountable to others. Now, your unique master plan for wholehearted prosperity brings your accountability inward. In order for you to wake up in the morning excited to do life, you have to be accountable to your Self first, and that includes falling in love with your Self and building a healthy relationship with your money. I am here to help you break the programming that drives you away from your SELF and rewire it to bring you back to the most beautiful and badass YOU.

Step three

Find your wholehearted prosperity

Now that we know your why, it’s time to design a unique master plan for wholehearted prosperity that includes your what – your prosperity picture – and your how – where we close the gap between knowledge and action. Because knowing what you need is not enough; you need to act. That’s where 1:1 text coaching comes in – I’ll be there every step of the way to support and encourage you to take action.

step two

Align your what and your how

Learn more about the program and join here. Then, book your free 45-minute strategy video call to see whether 1:1 text coaching services are right for your unique journey toward wholehearted prosperity. During this call, we will get to know your why – “why is wholehearted prosperity important to you?”

step one

Join the Wholehearted Prosperity Women’s Collective

Introducing the Wholehearted Prosperity Women’s Collective

My text coaching services will provide you with the tools to help you build your strategy and design the daily activities that will naturally move you into values alignment, help you fall in love with yourself, build a healthy relationship with your money, and step wholeheartedly into your purpose. 

You have the answers inside of you. I am here to help you uncover them and step forward with the courage and confidence to bring them to life.

I believe you have the power to make this life your own and I want to partner with you to make that happen. Are you ready?

How about we dive right in?

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