Ready to bring your dream visions to reality?

Text-based coaching that helps you break free.

Let your values guide your actions

Heal your relationship with your Self and your Money

Be unapologetically you

  • Abandoning your own wants and needs in favor of others.
  • Having difficulty even identifying what those are because you’ve been so focused on everyone else.
  • And chances are you feel completely overwhelmed at the thought of making space to start figuring it all out.


If you feel disconnected and resentful in your relationships, wondering if there is more to life than “this,” you may be:

Tired of making yourself small to make others happy?

I’ve Been There, Too.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that there was a better way to do things. I realized that the true meaning of life comes from my own inner knowledge, and only by realizing it was I able to feel authentically fulfilled.

Now, I want to help you achieve the same. I specialize in Soul Success Coaching, an approach that combines everyday tools and mindfulness practices to help you get to know yourself, align your actions and values, and heal your relationship with your Money so you can first design and then step powerfully into the life you’re excited to wake up to.

If you’re tired of chasing a picture-perfect life that doesn’t speak to you, there is a better way.

I, too, understand what it is like to try to live up to others’ expectations and chase dreams that don’t seem to match what I know deep down is best for me.

I devoted a big part of my life & career to helping others feel better and putting their needs first.

Everything you need to design a life aligned with your values and deepest desires is right inside of you.

The only person you need to please is you.

Now, the Wholehearted Prosperity Women’s Collective is a safe space for you to engage with like-minded, high-frequency women who are on the same self-discovery journey. This free community will provide you with support, guidance and valuable resources to move in the direction of wholehearted prosperity.

Because the road may be tough – but oh, so worth it –, and having other growth-oriented women by your side can make a world of different in creating a life you love living.

How, you ask?

I’m not here to give you answers because those answers are already within you. Instead, this community provides you with the guidance and support to build a life based on your individual goals, so that you can live a life aligned with your values, learn to trust and fall in love with yourself, find fulfilling ways to meet your needs and heal your relationship with money.

Introducing the Wholehearted Prosperity Women’s Collective

You’re used to holding yourself accountable to others. Now, your unique master plan for wholehearted prosperity brings your accountability inward. In order for you to wake up in the morning excited to do life, you have to be accountable to your Self first, and that includes falling in love with your Self and building a healthy relationship with your money. I am here to help you break the programming that drives you away from your SELF and rewire it to bring you back to the most beautiful and badass YOU.

Step three

Find your wholehearted prosperity

Now that we know your why, it’s time to design a unique master plan for wholehearted prosperity that includes your what – your prosperity picture – and your how – where we close the gap between knowledge and action. Because knowing what you need is not enough; you need to act. That’s where 1:1 text coaching comes in – I’ll be there every step of the way to support and encourage you to take action.

step two

Align your what and your how

Learn more about the program and join here. Then, book your free 45-minute strategy video call to see whether 1:1 text coaching services are right for your unique journey toward wholehearted prosperity. During this call, we will get to know your why – “why is wholehearted prosperity important to you?”

step one

Join the Wholehearted Prosperity Women’s Collective

Your why. The first step to Wholehearted Prosperity is discovering why it matters to you. We will uncover it during a 45-minute strategy session.

Your what. The second step is designing your prosperity picture – what you’re trying to achieve through this program.

Your how. Finally, these are the tangible actions that close the gap between your current state and where you want to be. Through daily (M-F) texts, we will discuss your hang-ups, work through barriers, and celebrate your wins.

The Wholehearted Prosperity Women’s Collective can help you clarify:

By joining The Wholehearted Prosperity Women’s Collective, you’ll get instant access to a free, welcoming Facebook community of like-minded individuals who are, too, seeking their prosperity picture.

In addition, you can choose 1:1 text coaching, where I will provide you with ongoing support, tools and resources to bring your life from dream to reality.

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